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Where Culture Connects and Ideas Flourish: The Forum Norwich

The Forum, situated at the heart of Norwich, stands as a vibrant hub of culture and knowledge. Its striking architecture and welcoming ambiance invite all to partake in a diverse range of events and experiences. This iconic venue hosts a plethora of free events year-round, making it an integral part of city life.

Inside this cultural haven, you'll discover the renowned Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library, a treasure trove of knowledge and literature. A blend of culinary delights awaits at Pizza Express and Café Bar Marzano. Furthermore, the Citizens Advice Bureau provides valuable assistance to visitors.

The Forum Car Park offers convenient and secure parking, perfect for exploring the city or attending nearby theater shows. Moreover, this iconic venue is available for hire, offering various spaces that accommodate events, meetings, and exhibitions.

As a registered charity, The Forum renews its commitment to enriching the community, reinvesting all income into preserving and enhancing this exceptional venue, while continuing to present a diverse program of free events for everyone to enjoy. Visit The Forum Norwich to connect with culture, ideas, and more.


Native2Norfolk's seasonal food fairs at The Forum in Norwich offer a vibrant showcase of the region's culinary diversity. Held four times a year, each fair aligns with the seasons, featuring the freshest, locally-sourced produce and artisanal goods.


Dates for 2024 include 16th March, 29th June, 21st September, and 23rd November. These events provide a unique platform for local food artisans and producers to share their passion and products with a wider audience, celebrating the rich tapestry of Norfolk's food scene in the heart of the city.

This is a wide angle shot of my Native2Norfolk August Market which was run in conjunction with Jabbawocky Craft Village. We often work together here, you can see Debbie from Jabbawocky's Craft Fair closest to The Forum with my Native2Norfolk Market on the ampitheatre below the stairs and on the centre right of the image.


16/03/24 | 29/06/2024 | 21/09/2024 | 23/11/2024
The Forum, Norwich
Free Entry

Native2Norfolk's seasonal food fairs at The Forum in Norwich are not just events; they are a celebration of the best in regional culinary arts, tailored to the changing seasons.


Each fair is a curated experience, reflecting the unique essence and ingredients of its time of year:

  • Spring Fair (16/03/2024): A refreshing burst of new beginnings, featuring early harvests and delicate flavours, perfect for the food connoisseur looking to rejuvenate their palate.

  • Summer Fair (29/06/2024): A vibrant, sun-kissed extravaganza brimming with fresh, local produce, light bites, and summer beverages, ideal for families and individuals eager to bask in the season's bounty.

  • Autumn Fair (21/09/2024): A rustic and hearty celebration of the harvest season, offering rich, comforting flavours and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that food lovers and culture enthusiasts alike will cherish.

  • Winter Fair (23/11/2024): A festive and cosy gathering, featuring heart-warming, traditional fare, perfect for those seeking a taste of nostalgia and the joy of the holiday season.

Each fair is meticulously designed to offer a unique and immersive experience, catering to the discerning tastes of local residents and visitors, and fostering a sense of community and connection through the love of good food.


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