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Looking Back

This last year was my first, and what a year it was. I sure learnt and lived a lot, there isn't one thing I'd change.

Take a scroll down memory lane with me below.

A picture from the very first Native2Norfolk market in Reepham, this is the mascot for the market.


April 22nd, August 19th and October 14th

One of my favourite events to run as the balance of stress and enjoyment is perfect and routine. I held two of my standard smaller markets here this year with one larger fair in October. This was one of my biggest events yet and the most worthwhile.

Samantha Mattocks pictured in front of the Native2Norfolk Cookery Theatre and Farmers' Market Tent at Worstead Festival


October 29th and December 17th

These were some great and for me experimental events. Each of these markets was seasonally themed (Halloween/Christmas), of which I'd never done themed events before. All in all I'd say they went amazingly, the Christmas market here was probably the busiest event I've ever held!

An amazing image from the work that Native2Norfolk did to create the reputation that Eves Hill Farm now has for events.


March 9th Onwards

The beginning of stability, this was my first ever regular market which had a stable schedule, opposed to a day here and there at The Forum. This market was definitely a great stepping stone into this world and I can't wait to see where it goes this year.

A brilliant shot of a Native2Norfolk market at The Forum in Norwich.


July 29th-30th

This was the biggest learning curve I faced this year. I ran the cookery theatre tent at Worstead Festival filling the tent and the stage and managing them all on the day.

Native2Norfolk's Spooktober Market at Salle Moor Hall Farm which was made through working with the Targetfollow Group


November 19th and 26th

These were some more themed seasonal markets, although I had more time to prepare myself after learning from Salle Moor Hall Farm. I held two great Christmas Markets here, and they went quite well all in all, I was the one that set this site up to hold these events and while I gain no credit nor "was any success down to me" due to me this site continues to hold a great reputation which I made for them in the event world.


We no longer have any relation to this site nor do we ever want to. Due to personal opinion and treatment I do not deem them suitable for the moral, ethical and communal ways which I run my business.

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