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Welcome To The Solution

This page contains a form to bulk book new or missing dates for our 2024 events, alongside our bulk invoice/payment querier to aid me in fixing any issues derived from Xero's malfunctioning.


This form is no frills making it quick and easy. Enjoy the simplicity to help increase your efficiency!

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Native2Norfolk's Quick Fire 2024 Application Form and Invoice Querier

Native2Norfolk's Quick and Easy Application Form and Ongoing/New Invoicing Issue Querier

Hi, thank you for completing this form and working

with us at Native2Norfolk.

Please read the writing in bold to gain an understanding of this form and if you would like further context and explanations continue to read the non-bold writings.


This form will consist of only tick boxes (Except for your name and email) and will enable you to quickly bulk book any dates, while also allow you to quickly raise any queries for new/ongoing issues with my invoicing and/or the software for it, which you will see from the statement of dates email, has not been playing ball and the best thing is the form shouldn't take you long to do!!!

For this form, in the first section: Please check the corresponding box for any event you want to attend, if you have pitches with me you will have now received an email showing you what you have applied for. If you found any dates to be missing please select them on this form and it will be an open application with myself overriding my new system to get all parties on the same page.

If you do select a date on here which you are already in for don't worry you won't be billed twice or get two pitches, in fact feel free to play it safe and tick the boxes for you booked dates.

After the quick fire application form as mentioned there is a section about querying invoicing issues ongoing or new. This will be the same style tick box layout per event/date, but if you have issues with an invoice please select the event/date that it is for and I will then get it sorted and have all of this in one place. This is due to the sporadic issues that Xero seems to be making, as you know I work in full transparency and accountability with you guys, the reason this hasn't been broadcasted more openly is because nor Xero or myself can figure this out as the issues are literally random with no obvious root cause and very random issues themselves.

Any invoices queried (and with clear evidence as determined by myself) will not be subject to any late fees, increases or my T's and C's.

This form is my quick, simple and effective solution for any confusion, hindrances or issues that the implementation of the new 2024 and onwards booking system may have caused.

The new system is quite advanced but also rather amateur as I did make it all from scratch and had the great idea to launch it when it was far from ready, this premature release was the catalyst that started this ball of confusion and detriment to start rolling. In the wake of this rolling ball of chaos I've been: Living in the present to get all of my day to day bits done, Living in the future to prevent any issues from happening in the months/years to come and Putting out fire after fire leaving little time to do anything I need to, among much more.

Transitioning to this new system had an inevitable overlap between the old and new methods, no matter what this will always happen with such changes and I thought I had a solid plan to tackle this, however then it was March and rather swiftly everything went cray cray.

2024 has been something and far beyond even the complete opposite to the step by step plan for the year which I made. I started the year thinking it was going to be my year, it is not. It's not been easy, smooth nor gratifying for me professionally, personally or socially. Please rest assured that this rectification form is one small step for me and one giant leap for Native2Norfolk.

Thank you for completing this form, I hope you enjoy the simplicity.

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