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Sat, 16 Mar



Native2Norfolk: The Fourum Seasons

The Fourum Seasons at The Forum in 2024 is poised to be a series of spectacular events, each reflecting the distinct character of the different seasons. These markets will offer a unique blend of seasonal products, artisan crafts, and local cuisine, complemented by thematic music and entertainment.

Native2Norfolk: The Fourum Seasons
Native2Norfolk: The Fourum Seasons

Time & Location

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16 Mar 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

Norwich, The Forum, Bethel St, Millennium Plain, Norwich NR2 1BH, UK

About the Event

The Fourum Seasons at The Forum in 2024 is set to be a landmark series of events in Norwich, each uniquely themed to capture the essence of each season. This year-long celebration will showcase the best of Norfolk's local produce, artisans, and performers, bringing a seasonal twist to each event.

  • Spring Market: A refreshing experience, bursting with new life and a focus on rejuvenation and growth. Expect floral displays, fresh produce, and spring-themed crafts, accompanied by lively performances and workshops.
  • Summer Market: Embrace the warmth with an array of sun-kissed offerings. Street food, summer drinks, outdoor activities, and live music will create a festive atmosphere, perfect for families and food enthusiasts.
  • Autumn Market: A cozy and rustic affair, highlighting the harvest season's bounty. The market will be adorned with autumnal colours, offering seasonal produce, warm beverages, and artisan crafts.
  • Winter Market: A magical, festive experience filled with holiday cheer. From Christmas decorations to winter delicacies, this market will be a wonderland of seasonal joy, complete with carol singers and twinkling lights.

Spring Unfolds at The Fourum Seasons: A Celebration of Norfolk's Essence

This March 16th, The Forum in Norwich transforms into a bustling epicenter of spring's awakening with The Fourum Seasons, a unique event curated by Native2Norfolk, promising an unrivaled celebration of the county's rich heritage and the seasonal rhythm that defines it. Native2Norfolk, renowned for championing local producers, artisans, and the collective spirit of Norfolk, orchestrates an immersive experience that captures the essence of spring in Norfolk.

As the doors open at 10:00 AM, visitors will be greeted by a tapestry of colors, scents, and sounds, a testament to the region's vibrant life force. The event is a carefully crafted blend of traditional and contemporary, designed to showcase the best of Norfolk's local produce, artisan crafts, and unparalleled talent.

The Heart of Norfolk: Artisans and Producers

At the core of The Fourum Seasons is a commitment to the local. Native2Norfolk has meticulously selected a diverse array of stalls, each representing the highest quality of craftsmanship and local produce. From handcrafted jewelry that tells the story of Norfolk's coastal beauty to gourmet treats that speak to the agricultural bounty of the region, the event is a celebration of local excellence.

Gastronomy Glade: A Culinary Adventure

The newly named Gastronomy Glade is where the culinary magic of Norfolk comes to life. Here, food enthusiasts will embark on a taste journey through the county's seasonal flavors. Street food vendors and local producers unite to offer an array of dishes that encapsulate the freshness and diversity of spring produce, from savory delights to sweet treats, each bite is a homage to Norfolk's rich culinary landscape.

A Symphony of Seasonal Celebrations

The Fourum Seasons transcends the traditional market experience, offering interactive engagements that enrich the visitor experience. Live music performances set the soundtrack of the day, with local musicians and bands bringing the spirit of Norfolk to life through melody. The event is not just a market; it's a gathering place for the community, an opportunity to celebrate the changing seasons, and a day to immerse oneself in the cultural heartbeat of Norfolk.

Join the Celebration

As Native2Norfolk ushers in the spring edition of The Fourum Seasons, they extend an invitation to all who wish to experience the splendor of Norfolk in the embrace of spring. This event is more than just a day out; it's an opportunity to connect with the land, its people, and the traditions that make Norfolk a cherished part of the UK. Don't miss this chance to celebrate the start of a new season at The Forum, a day where every moment promises discovery, delight, and a deep connection to the essence of Norfolk.

The Forum, 

Millennium Plain, 

Norwich, Norfolk, 


The Forum

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