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For Event Application Forms, Keep on Scrolling

As a small business in a wonderful however limited area (Norfolk), one of the best ways to start your path to success is through in person events. These events supply the public (your customers) with; the chance to buy/try your product, learn about your product and your business and connect a face/person to the company and products which gives a much better feeling purchase.

Here at Native2Norfolk our aim is to host a variety of; farmer's/producer's markets, food fairs and food festivals, throughout each year and across Norfolk in all the best spots for them. For this business I split up local food and drink events into my own 3 classes, as just mentioned, these each differ in a variety of ways such as a different atmosphere, number of stalls and general size of each site among other aspects such as:

  • Artisanal Markets: These will be small yet effective, featuring a wide variety of product types while having minimal to no competition between types of products and businesses, meaning that if you're the stall selling just chutney there won't be another stall selling just chutney, however we'd also need a jam company and if we wanted this specific chutney company which doesn't make jam there may be a slight amount of chutneys on two different stalls if the jam company also makes and sells chutney, these will be held around Norfolk on weekends with as many as possible while routinely returning to each markets site monthly.

  • Food Fairs: This kind of event will be slightly larger than the farmer's/producer's market while maintaining a similar atmosphere, within the food fair there would be much more variety than at a farmer's/producer's market with more than a single business per product allowing the public to experience a little bit more of Norfolk's food and drink products, however these similar businesses will be limited to around 1-2 and possibly featuring some street food kind of options.

  • Food Festivals: These will be the largest of our events, designed to truly showcase everything Norfolk has to offer within it's food and drink scene, meaning a vast variety of all products that are Native2Norfolk, meaning the attendee's really get to see how much high quality and artisanal food and drink there is throughout Norfolk. These will be held through peak seasons for example summer and Christmas, at these events you can expect to see a variety of stalls similar and different alongside; a cooking stage featuring Norfolk's best chefs and producers, plentiful seating throughout the site, games and activities for kids and adults alike and a wide variety of street food and food/drink to eat while at the event alongside our producers.

If you feel you're interested in taking part as a producer or chef through our journey as a business, then fill in the form below to be contacted around attending these in a professional sense in the near future.


A promotional video/trailer of The Worstead Estate Farmer's Market. This market runs on the last Sunday of each month

from 10:00 - 14:00.

This market is not run or created by Native2Norfolk. Native2Norfolk did play a part in getting it off the ground, however all credit for the event itself is to Worstead Estate and the team.

This was filmed and edited solely by Native2Norfolk to show the extent of skills within our company and to trial new services to add into our business.


Bringing events that showcase Norfolk's artisans back to Norwich!

Join us at Native2Norfolk's vibrant events at The Forum in 2024, a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their products in the heart of Norwich.

These seasonal fairs celebrate local produce and crafts, attracting a diverse audience from across the region. Each event, tailored to the season, offers a platform for businesses to engage with customers and fellow traders, enhancing brand visibility and community connections.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of Norfolk's thriving artisanal scene. Interested businesses can apply to trade at our next event through the link provided in this section.


Norfolk's Best Up-And-Coming Market

Experience the charm of rural Norfolk at the Native2Norfolk Reepham Market, held at The Station Café. This market, running every second Sunday from March 2024, is a perfect stage for local businesses to connect with a community that cherishes quality and craftsmanship.

Each market day is a celebration of seasonal themes, offering traders a unique opportunity to showcase their products to a diverse and engaged audience. Don't miss the chance to be part of this thriving market. Businesses interested in participating can apply through the provided link in this section.

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